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Who we are.

Billboard Print is the printing division of Billboards Australia Pty Ltd. Billboard Print is Australasia’s leading print production management house for the digital printing of grand format images. We specialise only in the BIG stuff, and we are very good at it

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Outdoor Media.

We utilise the latest, cutting edge, large format, digital print technology. This allows us to create billboard skins to all sizes with speedy output and high DPI quality. This gives our agency and media partners the peace of mind they need to get the job done on time and on budget. Applications: Billboards, Bus Shelters, Hoardings, Transit Media, Events.


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Why Choose us over general printers.

The below squares show just some of the important reasons why we specialise in Billboard Print.
Great service, Barcoding, Fast Print, Specialist finishing, Storage, Australia wide.
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  • What can we say? We have an exceptional team and we utilise only the latest in print technology. We will do our best to make you happy. Try us!

  • Every one of the 80+ thousand billboard faces printed in Australia require a specific barcode. If they do not have a barcode they will most likely not be installed and potentially get lost.

  • We are able to turn around a print in only a couple of days. This means even when the others tell you it is too late to run that campaign dur to print times - we are your second chance.

  • After every billboard campaign you run, we can store your print for three months. This means if you decide to do another billboard later on, you can re-use your previous print.

  • Every Billboard print requires specific finishing to ensure it fits the individual site specifications. Some require special keder edging, other require pockets. We work with your billboard provider to ensure the billboard skin is provided correctly.

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